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Our Mission

Our mission is to help you open the door to your financial future.  To that end, we are deeply committed to educate people, to remove the mystique surrounding financial decisions and to encourage them to move forward with confidence.  As financial coaches and client advocates, we bring knowledge, experience and integrity.  We help clients understand all their options so that they can make informed decisions.  And, we work with clients to align their financial decisions with their values and commitments. 

 Our Company

American Portfolios Advisors provides services to individuals, business owners, families, trusts and qualified plan sponsors and their participants.  We believe that people can make good decisions but often lack sufficient information.  Therefore, we are deeply committed to educating people, to removing the mystique surrounding financial decisions and to encouraging clients to move forward with confidence.  Meanwhile, a sometimes-bewildering array of financial products and services is on the market.  Many people are too busy and overwhelmed to create an overall, comprehensive financial strategy.  They resort to a scattershot approach.  They need to work with a financial coach who offers knowledge, experience, and integrity.  And, they need someone who has an in-depth understanding of their financial situation and who cares that they attain their personal goals. 

When you work with us, you are associated with a group of individuals with broad credentials and market experience that specialize in helping you achieve successful outcomes. 

Our Process

Our process is holistic.  Before recommending a strategy for you, we take the time to listen.  We want to understand your overall financial situation, goals and objectives.  We then use this knowledge to recommend a comprehensive strategy designed especially for your unique situation.  We cover all your bases through our proprietary processes.

Our processes are comprehensive, evolutionary and built around three principles.

  • Simplicity --- We do the work for you. You decide.
  • Focus --- Results.
  • Balance --- Minimizing costs, creating exceptional value.


American Portfolio Advisors, Inc. an SEC Registered Advisor • 36 Hamilton Road, Suite 4A • Glen Ridge, NJ 07028