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Wealth Planning Process


Our Solution

No matter what your stage of life, Patricia Flaherty McNeilly and her team are your financial advocates. When you manage your finances strategically, you enrich your life.

When you take advantage of the comprehensive array of our professional services, you help protect your assets—and keep them growing.

And as your financial coach, Patricia will explain complex issues clearly, so that you—and your loved ones—enjoy peace of mind. Together, we will structure a strategy to: protect your assets, accumulate assets, minimize taxes, and analyze your budget.

Ours is a step-by-step holistic process. We encourage you to think creatively and strategically about how to make your dreams a reality. The goal is to help educate you to make the best decisions for you and your family. Our work with you takes a macro approach to your finances.

In a series of meetings with you—in person, on the telephone, online or some combination—we listen as you tell us about your goals for you and for your family. With the aid of an easy-to-understand financial model, we coach you through a systematic process that gives you a clear understanding of your personal or business financial situation. This clarity will help you simplify your life and put you in charge of your finances.

Our Philosphy

Our mission is to help your reach your financial potential. We help you understand all your options and make informed decisions. And, we work with you to align your financial decisions with your personal values and commitments.

After we develop your personal wealth strategy, we work with you to implement it. Our professional services for individuals and families include helping you protect your family with life and disability insurance, address the possibility of long-term care, save for your children's college education and your retirement, distribute your estate, manage investments and annuities and minimize your tax payments.

We act as your advocate and financial coach. We help you understand and consider all your options. And we help you creatively and strategically make decisions that will enable you to open the door to your financial future.

That's why we created the Wealth Management Planning Solution, a comprehensive, holistic, evolutionary five-step process that builds around three principles---simplicity, focus and balance.

  • Simplicity --- We do the work, you make the decisions.
  • Focus --- Informed decisions consistent with your personal values and commitments.
  • Balance --- A personal wealth strategy. Time for yourself, your career, your family, and those you care about.


  • A wealth management plan consistent with your values, goals, commitments and aspirations.
  • Reduced anxiety because you have a plan, strategies and organization strategies to address current environments.
  • State-of-the-art processes
  • Promote family unity
  • Education and financial planning services provided by independent financial coaches and advocates.

Wealth Planning Process

Five Steps to building a stronger financial future for now, in retirement and for your heirs.














Our mission is to help you reach your financial potential and manage your wealth by making your dollars work more efficiently. We help you make informed decisions, understand your options and align your financial decisions with your personal values and commitments. We are financial coaches. And, we help you creatively and strategically make decisions that will enable you to open the door to your financial future and manage your wealth. We bring knowledge, experience and integrity.

Step 1 - The "Fit" and Discovery Process

Through a series of meetings, each prospective client learns about us and we learn about them. Both of us can be sure that we are the "right fit" for each other. We learn about you, your values, goals, commitments, dreams and aspirations. You learn about our core competencies, the scope of our services, and our knowledge, experience and integrity. Then we work together to articulate your personal and family values, goals, commitments and aspirations as the ground work for developing your personal holistic plan.

Step 2 - A Look at the Possible Future

Once we become familiar with your financial situation, we prepare comprehensive financial projections based upon your current financial situation and your assumptions for the future. Using our unlimited "what if" simulator, we help you analyze how alternative cash flow, tax, and investment strategies may impact your financial house.

Step 3 - Develop Strategies

We prioritize your short term and long term goals and develop the action steps necessary to move your personal financial planning forward. We coordinate with your other professionals as appropriate.

Step 4 - Develop Tactics and Implement

We assist you in implementing all of the action steps developed in Step 3, keep you in motion and assist you in analyzing and selecting tactics and any associated products. Our goal is to assist you in minimizing taxes, accumulating and protecting your wealth, addressing the current environment and passing along your legacy with as much ease as possible.

Step 5 - Ongoing Monitoring and Coaching

We spend most of our time with clients on this step. We meet with you (in-person or virtually) at least twice a year, more often if appropriate. We monitor your progress against your plan. You are assisted by the latest wealth management technology. Each client has their own personal web portal. Your private documents, financial and estate plan, cash flow models and current financial positions are at your fingertips. We hold family meetings to promote open communication between generations and protect and promote your family values.