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No one knows your business like you do.  Your ability to focus on your enterprise has made you the success you are today.  Increased global competition, rapid technology changes, and cumbersome government regulations have made operating your company a challenge.  Trouble is, there's a lot to running a successful business that has little to do with the core business you're managing, but is still critically important to your overall long-term success.  Your company retirement plan is a perfect example.  You know that you need excellent benefits in order to attract, reward, and retain exceptional employees.  You know that you need to keep the costs of these benefits reasonable and under control.  You also know that you don't want the complexities of monitoring this program taking up your valuable work time.

That's why we created The Retirement Plan Solution.  It's a comprehensive, evolutionary six step process that's built around three principles - simplicity, focus, and balance.

Simplicity: We do the work for you.

One of our specially-trained financial professionals will take you through our specialized, evolutionary six step process to develop a retirement plan that meets your company's needs.  We will...

  • Evaluate your current retirement plan, including places where you may be paying unnecessary fees.
  • Help find ways to maximize tax benefits.
  • Help protect you and your company's fiduciaries from unnecessary litigation.
  • Perform a vendor comparison and analyze proposals to make sure you obtain the best solution.
  • Provide ongoing monitoring of your plan investments on a quarterly or semi-annual basis.
  • Educate, excite, and motivate your employees to participate.

Focus: Results, not procedures.

Think of us as one of your employees - only one who just doesn't happen to have an office on-site.  Our expertise is in getting you the results you want, without getting bogged down in complex rules and regulations.  We sit on your side of the negotiating table to find the best retirement plan solution for your company.  Once your plan is implemented, we monitor it regularly to make sure it continues to meet your company's goals and objectives over time.  That leaves you free to focus on what you do best...

"running your business"

Balance: Minimizing costs, creating exceptional value.

By now, you're probably wondering...just how much is this going to cost?  Not to worry.  Most likely, we'll be able to uncover places where you're paying unnecessary expenses.  We use that money to unlock your retirement plan's "buried treasure".  This is the gold bullion of your retirement.  This buried treasure can be used to reduce your plan's future expenses and cover our consulting fees.


  • Greater employee satisfaction and participation
  • Delegated fiduciary plan requirements
  • Reduced plan anxiety
  • State-of-the-art processes
  • Out-sourced HR functionality
  • Educational and financial planning services provided by a Chartered Financial Consultant


What We Do

How We Do It

The Retirement Plan Evaluator

Evaluating the current aspects of your plan

  • Plan Design and administration review
  • Investment Management review
  • Plan communication and service review

The Retirement Plan Optimizer

Maximizing plan efficiency and success

  • Understand the plan's objectives
  • Analysis and Recommendations

The Fiduciary Shield

Serving as your plan's fiduciary adviser helping to reduce personal and business risk

  • Investment Policy Statement
  • Delegation of Fiduciary Responsibilities
  • Fiduciary Score Methodologies

The RFP Manager

Minimizing total plan costs while maximizing the scope and quality of plan provider services

  • Vendor comparison analysis
  • Provider pricing negotiation
  • Provider contract review

The Edu-tainment Experience

Ongoing education with participants for optimal benefits

  • Employee Communication and Disclosures
  • Group and Individual Meetings
  • Individual Financial Advisory Services

The Wealthcare Monitor

Measuring and monitoring success at the plan and participant level

  • Wealthcare Report Cards
  • Plan Roadmap
  • Independent Fund Monitoring Reports


Plan Management Services

  • Review plan governance structure
  • Review 404(c) protection
  • Review Bonding Insurance
  • Create and Review Fiduciary File
  • Analyze Plan Design Options
  • Meet with plan committee
  • Provide Daily Plan Management Support
  • Ensure All Fees are Disclosed
  • Review use of ERISA spending accounts
  • Benchmark Fees & Value for Reasonableness
  • Monitor Service Providers
  • Generate and Evaluate Service Provider RFI
  • Generate and Evaluate Service provider RFP
  • Support contract negotiation
  • Support Service Provider transition

Our Approach

Our aim is to ensure that you have the resources to handle whatever the future may bring.  Together we create a customized long term vision for the future, supported by a detailed plan so your wealth and resources won't be left to chance. 

Our process inspires clients to act with confidence, organization, commitment, and discipline in designing and implementing their desired plan of action.

By taking purposeful steps to create value and build confidence, we create a unique bond with our clients built on trust, secured with process, and proven through results.

Whether you offer your employees a defined benefit plan or a defined contribution plan, American Portfolios provides an independent approach to analyzing your needs and providing the plan, investment policies and compliance practices needed to have a worry free solution.

We bring pragmatic, non-conflicted solutions with real help in getting them implemented and managed over time to avoid compliance issues.  Our unique process brings more than objectivity and experience to your firm. 

We help you implement procedures and investment practices that satisfy today's rigorous legal standards and protect you from fiduciary liability. 

Our expertise makes it easy to interpret the maze of options and regulations so you can provide a 401k plan that meets the needs of you and your employees.      

Our Proprietary Process

American Portfolios recognizes that not every company fits into the same retirement plan design.  Our process is designed to help ensure plan success by providing a plan design that works for your unique goals and requirements.

This consultative process is designed to understand your needs, source appropriate retirement solutions and implement an ongoing management process to ensure your plan remains compliant in this changing regulatory environment.

Fiduciary Guidance

The Fiduciary risk is real.  You are required to understand these rules and “not knowing” your responsibility is not an effective means of legal protection.   

Our team of specialists sit on the same side of the table as you.  We acknowledged our Fiduciary responsibility for your retirement plan in writing and will help you implement safe harbor procedures designed to insulate plan sponsors from the liability associated with the advice.

Investment Services

  • Assess Plan's Investment Objectives
  • Design Overall Investment Structure
  • Review Qualified Default Investment Alternative (QDIA) option
  • Develop, Maintain, and Monitor the Investment Policy Statement (IPS)
  • Provide & Review Performance Reporting
  • Search for new Investment Managers

Participant Education

  • Review of Education Strategy
  • Provide Employee Education
  • Provide Group Meetings
  • Work with Multiple Locations
  • Provide Participant phone/email support
  • Provide Participant newsletter
  • Review progress against goals

Employees and their retirement success should be supported by experienced retirement planning consultants in conjunction with a detailed plan so their wealth and retirement resources won't be left to chance.  The success of the plan is based primarily on the effectiveness of programs designed to educate, motivate and guide participants to accumulate those savings required to provide income for life.

We are committed to partnering with you to provide both a comprehensive retirement plan and individual planning assistance to help your employees build the bridge from career to retirement.  Education and enabling participant success is a process, not an event.

Our commitment to helping your participants realize their retirement goals includes: